Bug #1560

Updated by tuxillo almost 5 years ago

Hi all,

I tried to install a DragonFly BSD for testing purposes on a changeable hard

disk on my Laptop (ThinkPad T61p). I didn't got the partition table of

/dev/ad0 modified - neither after dd (as described in /README) nor after

creating another partition table (I tried creating a file system from using

Windows on primary hard disk of this Laptop and Debian - both worked and

both find it after reboot - DragonFly never find anything on that disk).

I attach a full (verbose) dmesg, ls -l of /dev, pciconf -lv output and

finally (always the same) output from fdisk ad0. Sure I would be glad if I

could get DragonFly installed - but much more I hope this helps you to find

a bug.

Best regards,