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02:09 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #511 (Closed): 2]: DEV 12/30 Boot fail
TES> Could you mention the chip used? I suspect it's an AHCI part, which can
TES> operate in AHCI mode or legacy-IDE....
11:47 PM DragonFlyBSD Bug #510: DEV 12/30 Boot fail
A follow up.
Setting the BIOS to "Legacy" SATA settings allowed DFB to bootup a
little further but giving more error...


09:31 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #510 (Closed): DEV 12/30 Boot fail
Latest DEV ISO (12/30/06) fails to boot on my fairly new Dell
Optiplex 745. I tried with and without ACPI. Kernel get...

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