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12:59 AM DragonFlyBSD Submit #2904 (Closed): Update drm/uapi_drm to Linux 4.6
Commit pushed to master with a slight modification, thanks!
That modification submitted to the dri-devel list in o...
11:46 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision ae7fd2e9: drm/linux: Add asm/ioctl.h


02:00 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 80001c84: drm/i915: Comment out a DRM_DEBUG_KMS statement
Sysfs interface for connectors is not implemented.
Requested-by: zrj


11:30 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision a05eeebf: drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.3
* Generic stability improvements
* Stability fixes and support improvements for various GPU families, including


04:46 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision d385edc4: drm/linux: Add linux/pwm.h
04:31 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 86a1b832: drm/linux: Add linux/gpio/consumer.h
04:13 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 173d94ba: drm/linux: Define U64_MAX
02:28 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision fb0ecf7c: drm/linux: Add __test_and_clear_bit
Obtained-from: NetBSD
01:56 AM DragonFlyBSD Submit #2904: Update drm/uapi_drm to Linux 4.6
Thanks for the patch.
I'm about to push a drm/i915 update to Linux 4.3; I'll try to integrate your changes after t...


02:01 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2903: args->flags & ~(I915_MMAP_WC) 7ec9f8e589bca0a Linux scatterlist API
Having two ppgtt->base.allocate_va_range double assignment in i915_gem_gtt.c was indeed an error and a fix has been p...

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