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12:20 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 158486a6: drm: Implement and use the Linux version of kfree()


03:12 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision dd664e5c: drm: Improve linux/jiffies.h
02:57 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 16507489: drm: Improve linux/pci.h
* Add struct pci_device_id
* Add PCI_DEVFN, obtained from FreeBSD's OFED subsystem
02:53 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision fb76cd81: drm: Add linux/backlight.h


12:22 PM DragonFlyBSD Bug #1783 (Closed): panic: message could only be dropped in the same thread as the message port t...
I haven't seen this panic in years. Closing.
12:21 PM DragonFlyBSD Bug #1791 (Closed): Panic: "Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode"
Doesn't occur anymore, closing.


02:39 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision d82bf20e: drm: Sync drm_edid.c and drm_modes.c with Linux 3.9.11
12:01 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 339eb87a: drm: Move vbl_lock initialization to the right place
Reducing differences with Linux 3.9.11


11:50 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 79f713b0: Revert "drm: Handle drm masters and minors like Linux"
This reverts commit 2aa08105f11f5815d087c0f6baea9af394bd323f.
Many people reported this commit breaked their Xorg se...


12:58 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 2aa08105: drm: Handle drm masters and minors like Linux
* Make drm data structures more like their Linux versions
* Reduce differences with Linux 3.9.11 and use the same

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