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12:58 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 85ccd313: A step to correctly handling command timeouts in the MMC layer.
- Now that properly issuing CMD6 is crucial (so data isn't written to
the wrong partition for example), make a ...


03:53 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 4d3ae590: More style, comments, includes and unused params fixes for sdhci and mmc.
Taken-From: FreeBSD (svn r314811)


03:06 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 70a02aad: Style fixes for sdhci(4) and mmc(4) in comments, includes, unused params.
Taken-From: FreeBSD (svn r315466)


10:00 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 0df14648: sdhci - Define some easy bits from Simplified Controller Spec v4.20.
* New HOST_CONTROL2 fields, and new controller version values.
09:56 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 65704a46: sdhci - Check slot type cap, set SDHCI_SLOT_EMBEDDED for an embedded slot.
* Fail in sdhci(4) initialization for slot type shared, which is completely
unsupported by this driver at the momen...
08:38 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 4f67f60c: sdhci - Add tunables for disabling SDMA and/or ADMA2, and for testing ADMA2.
* Also document hw.sdhci.debug tunable while there.
* Limit ADMA2 support to the already tested and working Intel sd...
08:37 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 6bdaa92f: sdhci - Handle ADMA error interrupt, similar to ACMD12 error interrupt.
* Print the DMA descriptor entry that is likely at fault.
08:36 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 4013580e: sdhci - Implement ADMA2 transfer support. Keep SDMA support for now.
* Using ADMA2 transfers, only generates 1 or 2 interrupts for each
bio transfer, whereas the existing SDMA code was...
08:36 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 41c3a3cd: sdhci - Add data structure definitions for ADMA2 DMA descriptors.


03:51 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 45328a62: sound/hda: Fix name for the Wildcat Point-LP (Broadwell PCH audio) model.

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