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04:45 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision b922632f: drm: Fix drm_ioctl error return values.
Fixes some cases where we accidentally returned a negative value
from drm_ioctl().
Also this change converts the ERES...


02:03 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision b1f236a9: drm/drm_fops.c: Sync drm_dequeue_event() and drm_read() to Linux-3.17
This cleans up some event_lock usage differences between code in drm_irq.c
and drm_fops.c.
This fixes/replaces the b...


08:05 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 6b231eab: drm/i915: Reduce diff to Linux 3.17 in i915/intel_dp.c
Replaces intel_dp_aux_native_* calls by the corresponding drm_dp_dpcd_*
calls used in the Linux 3.17 code, and remove...
08:04 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision d13e957b: drm/i915: Adapt i2c handling a bit closer to Linux 3.17, Makes PSR work
Adds the intel_dp_aux_init and intel_dp_aux_transfer methods as in the
Linux 3.17 code, to properly initialize the in...


03:06 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision c13f7d35: corepower(4): Fix units -> microwatt conversion on Valleyview Atom CPUs
Add cpu model 0x4d (C2000 Atom CPUs), which might also show correct
values with this fix.
This Valleyview Atom speci...


12:20 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 429fecfe: sio: Add pci-ids for Haswell and Broadwell vPro CPUs' SoL support.


12:21 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 26b5dbf2: drm/radeon: Update temperature sensor support after update to Linux 3.17
We can apparently just use the rdev->pm.dpm.thermal.min_temp and
rdev->pm.dpm.thermal.min_temp values as WARN and CRI...


01:56 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision e8516a5e: corepower.4: Explain what the package power usage value means.


12:53 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 309b1170: corepower(4): Sensor for Intel CPUs' power usage via the RAPL MSRs
12:52 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 01d58e0f: sensors: Add SENSOR_WATTS support to sysctl(8) and systat(1)

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