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10:22 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision eb68dd75: kern: Support hh modifier in ksscanf (needed for drm/radeon).
This fixes VCE initialization in drm/radeon.
Taken from lib/libc/stdio/vfscanf.c
02:54 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2684 (Closed): panic when an usb wireless stick is detached.
No longer reproducable, seems to be fixed


10:56 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision f9dc6f44: drm/i915: Use fb->pitches[0] for stride. Remove duplicate kmalloc call.
* We can directly use fb->pitches[0] for the stride in intel_fbdev.c.
* Remove duplicate kmalloc call for struct fb_...
10:54 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 8453b73b: syscons: Get rid of xpad variable by adjusting loop in sckmsrndr.c


03:25 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 2af72e0a: acpi_pvpanic: Notify Qemu VM host if we panic.
By default the virtual machine is stopped when the pvpanic is triggered.
For accessing ddb, the virtual machine execu...


02:24 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 4a26d795: drm/radeon: Use pci_resource_start and pci_resource_len functions.
Replace calls to drm_get_resource_start and drm_get_resource_len
by pci_resource_start and pci_resource_len respectiv...
01:20 AM DragonFlyBSD Revision 0bece63d: drm/ttm: Use pr_err and pr_info for logging.


03:15 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision 62426035: radeonkms.4: Document drm.radeon.backlight tunable.
After the update of radeonkms(4) to Linux 3.18 level, I have to set
drm.radeon.backlight=1 in my loader.conf to get b...
12:54 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision fd45815c: drm: Plug memleak on module unload, in linux_workqueue.c again.
Destroy the system_power_efficient_wq on module unload, like the
other workqueues.


03:20 PM DragonFlyBSD Revision fa6e846f: syscons: Keep screen content and cursor pos when switching to kms console.

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