Bug #3205

Go compiler net test failing

Added by t_dfbsd 9 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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A recent commit appears to have broken the net test for the Go compiler:

This was working on commit be02f354 and started failing when I upgraded to b7d3e1.



Updated by tuxillo 9 months ago

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Can you provide the steps to reproduce it? I'll try to bisect it. Also, are you sure you've updated world+kernel to latest?


Updated by t_dfbsd 9 months ago

I'm not on HEAD, but I'm only 5 commits behind and they look unrelated. I'll try that though. I'll get you the steps to reproduce.


Updated by t_dfbsd 9 months ago

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install go compiler from dports
2. git clone
3. cd go/src
4. ./make.bash
5. ../bin/go test -count 1 net


Updated by t_dfbsd 9 months ago

When I upgraded to b7d3e1, I did a full world+kernel build/install and ran pkg upgrade -f after (no problems).


Updated by t_dfbsd 9 months ago

The test fails on HEAD too.


Updated by dillon 9 months ago

It looks like GO is using a generator for the structural elements in the route messages. The elements have changed.



You may be able to fix it temporarily based on the comments at the top of the dragonfly file. We are looking into how to fix the base package permanently. The route structure did change in master but it shouldn't have in release.



Updated by tuxillo 8 months ago

Okay, I'll handle it and let you guys know. Hopefully we won't overlap ourselves.


Updated by tuxillo 8 months ago

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They pushed our changes to x/net, see:

We've seen other failures too in 'net', unrelated to this. Were all those already present?


Updated by t_dfbsd 8 months ago

The crypto/tls test reported in is still failing randomly and it's still not clear whether this is a bug in the test or in DF or both.


Updated by t_dfbsd 4 months ago

tuxillo, can this be closed now?

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