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audio/sndio 1.9.0: crashes on start

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When starting process dies. Sometimes immediately, sometimes later. No output even on debug. Nothing on backtrace even with unstripped binaries. Just signal 11.

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Updated by tuxillo over 1 year ago

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I vaguely remember this was discussed either in the IRC channel or in TG. Can we include that information here?

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Updated by over 1 year ago <- thread start

TL/DR: Was working before, not working now. There was hardware changes, previously working outputs were 4 and 5, now 1 and 2. Probably issue is triggered when same sound output is opened twice via different command args: -F/-f. However fixing configuration is just changing signal from 11 to 6.

In the end I just disabled sndiod ans went back to OSS, it was much more stable for me... I'll try to enable back and retest.

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Updated by over 1 year ago

Well, that was a bad idea:

1. Second output connected.
2. sndiod crashes on signal 6.
3. Now even without sndiod it's not possible to play sound, direct play to OSS doesn't work too.

Had to reboot.

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Updated by daftaupe over 1 year ago

Is it worth investigating more on that one ?

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Sincerely: I'm not sure. If someone else is using sndiod then yes, but actually it's not required, everything works on bare OSS for me right now.

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Updated by daftaupe over 1 year ago

Ok, so closing this one for now. Thanks for the feedback.

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