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flex upgrade

Added by pavalos over 14 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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So here's a patch that will bring in the latest version of flex, and will
put it in contrib/. I'd appreciate some feedback. If I don't hear any
objections, I'll plan on importing this in about a week.

Another possible thing we could do is move the library building into
lib/libln/. What do you think about that?




Updated by pavalos over 14 years ago

Forgot to mention that this depends on changes to m4:


Updated by pavalos over 14 years ago

I've decided to postpone this upgrade until after the next release to test
the impact on 3rd-party programs. Here's the NEWS file for flex for people
to see the user-visible changes:



Updated by corecode over 14 years ago

is that necessary? what do we gain from a new version? it seems that this breaks code in world (see your amd patch). this leads me to the conclusion that it might break 3rd party code as well. i think this should only go into the tree after massive testing of pkgsrc etc.



Updated by marino over 8 years ago

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I'll take this.
We now have the opposite problem; lex is so old s/w doesn't build on it anymore. pkgsrc has been masking this for a while, especially with their new FLEX_REQD directive.


Updated by marino over 8 years ago

I tried to upgrade flex, but it turns out that our M4 isn't working right (confirmed by dports that was using new flex with system M4 before I changed it to use GM4).

So first I have to up to update M4 before importing Flex. It will have to be done in stages.


Updated by pavalos over 8 years ago

m4 updated in 4afad3d8f675d4c7d767e86520a3c2eda3d56658.


Updated by marino over 8 years ago

The latest version of flex builds entire world now (with a bug fix to contrib/amd/amd) so I will be committing this very soon!


Updated by marino over 8 years ago

flex 2.5.37 is in master.
I left lex in place (not building), I will remove in about a week or so.


Updated by marino over 8 years ago

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legacy lex files now removed.

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