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weird disk related panic

Added by jfrazer over 14 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I've got a weird disk related panic on my Thinkpad T22 (running 1.9 as
updated a week or so ago). It has happened a number of times when the
machine was sitting idle and I was not around to witness it. One time it
didn't panic but parts of the fs simply vanished (although were available
again after a reboot).

I can't tell if my hardware has gone flaky or what the deal is. However,
here is a link to a screenshot with all the good technical info:

Maybe someone who knows about this can better inform me as to what's going



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Updated by bastyaelvtars over 14 years ago

Uhm, this looks like a hardware error tome, but at the db> prompt you should type 'trace' and press enter and take a photo of that too. You should try getting a crash dump as well.

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Updated by jfrazer over 14 years ago

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 00:40:49 +0200, Gergo Szakal wrote:

Yeah, I was fearing hardware error... or, rather fearing having to pay $$$
to replace something... err. Here's the trace:

Crash dump might have to wait until later on tonight when I'm not on a
crappy dialup connection.

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Updated by jfrazer over 14 years ago

Well, I lost the crash dump somehow. But the fact that upon reboot it
complained about having no hard drive certainly further suggests a hardware

I'm somewhat confused as to why turning it off and then back on again
makes the hd suddenly work again. I hate this inconsistency and half
working nonsense... maybe I'll get lucky and it'll start on fire and
eliminate the possibility that I'll foolishly keep using it as is ;-)

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Updated by bastyaelvtars over 14 years ago

On 18 Apr 2007 23:51:11 GMT
"James Frazer" <> wrote:

Although this is a laptop, I experienced such issues on desktop machines when there was low voltage due to broken 230V circuit in the building, and the hard drives turned off and tried to come back up, of course no OS tolerates this. Can't you hear strange noises (clicks) before the panics?

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Updated by jfrazer over 14 years ago

It always seems to panic when I'm not around. The only time I've
caught it doing anything odd was the time that parts of the FS became
invisible (oddly enough it didn't lead to a panic that time). It was
making noise then, albeit no different from it's regular noises (it has
always been a very verbal drive) -- and that time I think there was some
kind of scheduled find operation that was running in the background
creating a flurry of disk activity.

I don't know how it has survived days of compiling stuff nonstop, yet, now
it wants to go funny when left idle -- and I even made sure the BIOS
settings set so that the drive never shuts down or goes to

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Updated by alexh over 12 years ago

Are you still using DF? If so, did you experience this problem ever again? Did
anyone else? If not, we can close this.

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Updated by alexh over 12 years ago

no response in over two years, closing this


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