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Unconfiguring a vn while it is mounted

Added by rumcic almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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I was able to test (unintentionally), that you can vnconfig u a vn that is
still mounted without any errors (it just works)
.. the problem is, you can't unmount it anymore (even -f doesn't
work ... "umount -f /mnt" "umount: unmount of /mnt failed: Device not


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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

I confirmed it. I'll look it up.

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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

vnconfig supports creating a vnode pseudo disk device AND mounting it at the
same time, in the same line:

vnconfig -e /dev/vn0 lala.img mountro=/mnt/lala
vnconfig -u /dev/vn0

The problem is that when you try to unconfigure it, it only checks if the
mountro= or mountrw= "feature" was passed to it during its invokation. If you
didn't, it assumes that there is no mounted filesystem.

It doesn't take into account that a person could manually mount a vnode device
after vnconfig:

vnconfig /dev/vn0 lala.img
mount -o rdonly /dev/vn0 /mnt/lala
vnconfig -u /dev/vn0

My preliminary work is to introduce a function is_mounted() that really checks
if the /dev/vnX to be uncofigured is mounted to the filesystem. And it does by
calling getfsstat() to get a list of actively mounted filesystems.

Patch in:

It ain't perfect, but it solves the problem for me (well, please test it and
provide feedback). Beside that, I sense that vnconfig's code needs some
refactoring, but let's tackle 1 issue at a time.

Best regards,

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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

On second thoughts, this kind of check should be done in the level of vn(4)
driver itself, under the detach ioctl. By the way, I've been stumbling through
freebsd's repository and they have deprecated vn(4)/vnconfig(8) in favor of
md/mdconfig. md seems to do the right thing:

if (mdio->md_mediasize != 0 ||
(mdio->md_options & ~MD_FORCE) != 0)
return (EINVAL);
sc = mdfind(mdio->md_unit);
if (sc == NULL)
return (ENOENT);
if (sc->opencount != 0 && !(sc->flags & MD_FORCE) &&
!(mdio->md_options & MD_FORCE))
return (EBUSY);
return (mddestroy(sc, td));

Where do we stand ?

Best regads,
Stathis Kamperis

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Updated by c.turner about 15 years ago

Agree on this - this bit me many times when I was working on the
'vnconfig -l' support.. doing this in-kernel makes sense to me -
but perhaps someone might have other ideas..

more on this below


Where do we stand ?

I definately took some looks at all of the various vn-type
implementations at that time -

personally, I don't like the new freebsd 'md' setup - it seems to muddle
the different roles of 'memory disk' and 'file disk image' a bit much..
(though of course vnconfig -S kind of negates this argument) - but
perhaps you're just referring to error handling..

I had planned (before I fell off the planet due to RealLife(TM)) to
migrate openbsd's 'mount_vnd' support over - this to me seems to
be the most useful change in VN support between the various BSDs ..

another useful thing IMHO would be to dynamically select an available vn
device so that one would not need to be specified..

anyhow.. just some notes from someone who spent some time pondering this..

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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

Hi all.

I made vn(4) return EBUSY if it is asked to detach a vn unit with vnode
references to it.

Patch in:

Please review.

Best regards,
Stathis Kamperis

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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

: I made vn(4) return EBUSY if it is asked to detach a vn unit with vnode
: references to it.

Simon explained that the check in the patch doesn't cover all the cases. There
might still be references from other partition/slices that aren't detected. Just
reproduced it.

I'll further investigate it.

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Updated by tuxillo about 9 years ago

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  • Assignee changed from corecode to tuxillo
  • Target version set to 4.2


No longer the case:

andromeda# vnconfig -e /dev/vn0 test.img mountro=/mnt2
andromeda# df -hT /mnt2
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/vn0 ufs 4.9G 2.0K 4.5G 0% /mnt2
andromeda# vnconfig -u vn0
vnconfig: VNIOCDETACH: Device busy
andromeda# umount /mnt2
andromeda# vnconfig -u vn0

Antonio Huete

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Updated by tuxillo almost 3 years ago

  • Target version changed from 4.2 to 6.0

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