Bug #1429

vkernel bug - "mfree: m->m_nextpkt != NULL"

Added by dillon about 7 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Target version:4.2.x


I get this in the vkernel, usually when I exhaust the mbuf objcache.

The bug is the "mfree: m->m_nextpkt != NULL" message, not the mbuf
exhaustion (while testing async write BIOs w/NFS I didn't slap any
limits on how many it tried to run in parallel) <GRIN>.

Matthew Dillon

# Warning, objcache(mbuf): Exhausted!
mfree: m->m_nextpkt != NULL
Trace beginning at frame 0x57869c58
m_free(8232e94,58bc9700,833791c,58bc97e4,57869c84) at 0x80ed998
m_free(58bc9700,1,576dabc8,57869cec,8159941) at 0x80ed998
m_freem(58bc9700,576dabc8,14,578c1f00,5847afe0) at 0x80ee444
ip_output(58bc9700,0,578c1efc,10000,0) at 0x8159941
udp_input(5847af00,0,58bc8d00,0,0) at 0x816a6d8
netmsg_pru_send(582feba8,0,82760e0,57869d84,8139e60) at 0x80f08a1
netmsg_service(582feba8,1,0,414003c0,833791c) at 0x8139a26
netmsg_service_loop(82760e0,0,0,0,0) at 0x8139e60
Warning, objcache(cluster mbuf): Exhausted!


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Hi Matt,

How do you exhaust mbufs?

Antonio Huete

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