Bug #1484

Remove WCPU column in top(1)

Added by Anonymous about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I plan to remove the WCPU from top(1) output. Most of the times returns bogus
values and confuses things. There was a consensus wrt to this in #dragonflybsd @
EFnet, but I'd like to give other people a chance to speak up.

Unless noone objects strongly, I will push the patch in the weekend.

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top.diff Magnifier (1.71 KB) Anonymous, 09/03/2009 03:00 PM


#1 Updated by dillon about 7 years ago

I'd scrap it... but I noticed something when doing parallel pkgsrc
bulk builds. top has a hard time reporting the activity because the
programs are so short-lived.

I wonder if we could replace the column with something which reports
cpu time accumulated by the parent from its children. That way when
we have these deep bmake topologies which run tens of thousands of
short-lived programs top would still be able to report the parent
processes which have accumulated the cpu from their children.


#2 Updated by lentferj over 6 years ago

With the import of new top version WCPU was dumped in favour of CTIME (cumulated
childrens CPU time).

WCPU did not display any useful numbers for a long time as it was based on
4.1BSD scheduler assumptions.

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