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disklabel64 automatic sizing

Added by corecode almost 7 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Target version:3.8.0


disklabel64 is a prime example for unintuitive behavior:

* it requires an arbitrary 4KB aligment on sizes and offset
* size aligments seem to be enforced directly, but offset alignments are
not. offsets just show up as "ILLEGAL" when re-editing the label. no
complaint before
* automatic sizing using "*" does not work:

d: * * HAMMER

but then:
partition d: size out of bounds (4825292800)

the size is completely off, roughly by a factor of 10(!)

I had to do:

d: 4 * HAMMER

and then re-edit to make it read

d: * 4712200 HAMMER

* there is no way to change the display block size
* there is no way to specify sector counts or byte counts in size/offset


#1 Updated by tuxillo over 5 years ago

Hi Simon,

disklabel64 is now the default in DFBSD. If I edit the label:

vmware# disklabel -e da1s1
16 partitions:
# size offset fstype fsuuid
#a: 4g 0 4.2BSD
a: * * HAMMER

vmware# disklabel da1s1 | grep -v '^#'
diskid: 46d8283c-7705-11e0-996e-010c29c5ae30
boot2 data base: 0x000000001000
partitions data base: 0x000000100200
partitions data stop: 0x01f3ffd3a000
backup label: 0x01f3ffd3a000
total size: 0x01f3ffd3b800 # 2047997.23 MB
alignment: 4096
display block size: 1024 # for partition display only

16 partitions:
a: 2097148132 0 HAMMER # 2047996.223MB
a-stor_uuid: 5a870493-7705-11e0-996e-010c29c5ae30

Automatic sizing seems to work, how did you do it?

About the aligning thing I think there have been some changes since you opened
this ticket (5179f0c55e7c654343dd160417a86e1d4a3870de,

Antonio Huete

#2 Updated by corecode over 5 years ago

I don't remember exactly what I did. Given that the example lists the "d"
partition, maybe I tried adding a partition after existing ones?

The two bottom points probably still apply.

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