Bug #1547

Updated by tuxillo about 6 years ago

disklabel64 is a prime example for unintuitive behavior:

* it requires an arbitrary 4KB aligment on sizes and offset

* size aligments seem to be enforced directly, but offset alignments are

not. offsets just show up as "ILLEGAL" when re-editing the label. no

complaint before

* automatic sizing using "*" does not work:

d: * * HAMMER

but then:

partition d: size out of bounds (4825292800)

the size is completely off, roughly by a factor of 10(!)

I had to do:

d: 4 * HAMMER

and then re-edit to make it read

d: * 4712200 HAMMER

* there is no way to change the display block size

* there is no way to specify sector counts or byte counts in size/offset