Bug #1606

hack(6): fix old mis-merge

Added by uqs almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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hack(6): fix very old mis-merge by restoring code from OpenBSD

If you look at the CVS history for this file, you will see that
the code in question tried to find the provided name in the path, not
just a fixed location (that could be coded more easily).

Restore the OpenBSD version of this code, which was cleaned up, already

hack.diff Magnifier (1.89 KB) uqs, 11/15/2009 05:21 PM


#2 Updated by dillon almost 7 years ago

:Ulrich Spoerlein <> added the comment:
:status: unread -> chatting

This is going to wind up finding /usr/games/hack instead of
/usr/games/hide/hack, however, when we want it to find
/usr/games/hide/hack. /usr/games/hide is not in the path.

The only use case is to locate the actual game binary
and stat it to determine if the saved game is out of date
relative to the binary.

Matthew Dillon

#3 Updated by uqs almost 7 years ago

Good catch Matt,

thing is that I want to remove dm(6) altogether, just like OpenBSD did. The
patch worked for FreeBSD as no dm(6) is used there either.

I will come up with a better solution.

#4 Updated by tuxillo over 6 years ago


Any update on this?

Antonio Huete

#5 Updated by uqs over 6 years ago

When/If I get around to finishing the NetBSD/OpenBSD sync, I will revisit. This
issue can be closed for now, as it doesn't apply.

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