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truss - Major revamping task list

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Many things to do with truss. Please add more in case you consider:

- Identifying 'unknown syscalls' and fix them.
- Make truss work for x86_64. This may require some hacking as truss looks in
/proc/<PID>/etype to see the binary type, but we make no distinction between
i386 and x86_64 binaries on that field.
- Get rid of the need of /proc so it can be used in chroots


#1 Updated by tuxillo about 6 years ago


Can somebody test this on x86_64?


Antonio Huete

#2 Updated by dillon about 6 years ago

:Antonio Huete Jimenez <> added the comment:
:Can somebody test this on x86_64?
:Antonio Huete
:status: unread -> chatting

Yes, it works! Truss exploded before, and now it works on x86_64.

Matthew Dillon

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