Bug #1937

vnconfig and swapfile

Added by nonsolosoft over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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probably there is something wrong or obsolete in:

lap# truncate -s700M /dati/swapfile
lap# chmod 0600 /dati/swapfile
lap# vnconfig -e vn0 /dati/swapfile swap
vnconfig: swapon: Device not configured
lap# vnconfig -l
vn0: covering /dati/swapfile on ad0s2h, inode 409
vn1: not in use
vn2: not in use
vn3: not in use
lap# ls /dev/vn*
/dev/vn /dev/vn0s0 /dev/vn2
/dev/vn0 /dev/vn1 /dev/vn3
lap# swapon /dev/vn0
swapon: /dev/vn0: Device not configured
lap# swapon /dev/vn0s0
swapon: /dev/vn0s0: Device not configured

Best wishes, \ferz


#1 Updated by thomas.nikolajsen over 4 years ago

The link is to the old handbook, but problem is the same in new handbook;
will update it.
For the time being vnconfig(8) can't add swap file directly;
you will have to add vn file, label and do swapon(8), e.g.:
# vnconfig -c vn0 /dati/swapfile
# disklabel -rw vn0s0 auto
# disklabel -e vn0s0 # add b: * * swap
# swapon /dev/vn0s0b

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