Bug #2142

kernel crash - Fatal trap 12 - softdep related

Added by thomas.nikolajsen almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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With recent(*) master I get kernel crash during boot.

This is i386 SMP kernel on UP system.

Turning softdep off (tunefs -n disable FS) on all file systems is work around.

After mounting a FS R/W with softdep enabled, crash is seen after
writing to FS: one small file didn't trigger, more/bigger files did.

* october 8th 2011, e.g. commit 4a568af990f84a14cd90c5fbe6b6f1709d41ca82.
Problem seems to be in TRIM commit e0fb398bfbef1fb6d12dfb8308cdc83ce663cbc2,
as I didn't experience problem a few commits before.

- kernel crash; core dump not possible
Fatal trap 12: supervisor read, page not present
page fault while in kernel mode
- trace

- another crash had first line in trace different

0001-Fix-mount_point-access-in-ffs_blkfree-when-using-sof.patch Magnifier (1.06 KB) Anonymous, 10/10/2011 12:43 AM


#1 Updated by Anonymous almost 5 years ago

Sorry about this. I should have, but didn't test on i386. I'm firing up a i386
VM to see if I can reproduce this.

#2 Updated by thomas.nikolajsen almost 5 years ago

Same crash is seen on x86_64.

This is on SMP kernel on MP system.

'cpdup /etc /mnt/etc' crashes almost immediately,
with /mnt a FS with softdep enabled.

#3 Updated by Anonymous almost 5 years ago

Can you try this patch?

#4 Updated by thomas.nikolajsen almost 5 years ago

It works (both on i386 & x86_64);
thank you!

Btw: I didn't test any TRIM functionality yet
(have to install SSD first).

#5 Updated by swildner almost 5 years ago

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 22:11:26 +0200, Thomas Nikolajsen (via DragonFly issue
tracker) <> wrote:

> Thomas Nikolajsen <> added the comment:
> It works (both on i386 & x86_64);
> thank you!

OK, I've pushed it. Thanks, Tim!

#6 Updated by sjg almost 5 years ago

Committed: efe855e1e1c712fefc8aa7279059bc7fc3a9f149

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