Bug #2199

screen segfaults if utmpx isn't present

Added by pavalos almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/15/2011
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Right after boot, utmpx isn't created yet, and screen will segfault if it's not present.

I'm guessing utmpx needs to be created earlier so programs that rely on it won't segfault.


#1 Updated by dillon almost 5 years ago

On utmpx, it should suffice for the early boot rc scripts to create
an empty utmpx, e.g. 'echo -n > /var/run/utmpx' at some point after
the mounts have gone RW.


#2 Updated by alexh almost 5 years ago

No. what exactly segfaults? where? Does screen itself segfault or is it in utmpx? If screen itself segfaults, it's a screen bug. If the segfault is in the utmpx code, there are better ways of fixing it. Putting some magical file creation in probably not the right solution.


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