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Markus rtld ghc patch only on master?

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As far as I understand, the rtld patch for ghc from Markus
went only into the master branch.

It would be nice, if this fix

--- a/libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
+++ b/libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
@@ -2323,7 +2323,12 @@ do_dlsym(void *handle, const char *name, void *retaddr, const Ver_Entry *ve,
if (ELF_ST_TYPE(def->st_info) == STT_FUNC)
return (make_function_pointer(def, defobj));
- else
+ else if (ELF_ST_TYPE(def->st_info) == STT_TLS) {
+ tls_index ti;
+ ti.ti_module = defobj->tlsindex;
+ ti.ti_offset = def->st_value;
+ return (__tls_get_addr(&ti));
+ } else
return (defobj->relocbase + def->st_value);

could go into 3.0.x.

I am only guessing, that this is an equivalent fix (same change at a
similar looking place in an older rtld version?), but this change seems
to work for me...

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