Bug #2342

revert Completely remove DFLTPHYS? oversized DMA transfer attempt 131072 > 65536

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On an older Pentium 4 Asus P4B266 machine (ICH2), something approximating bisection indicates that commit d83666e0134c4fe447b61f17ca7f22f4418b2d9b "Kernel - Completely remove DFLTPHYS" appears to result in boot failing with error messages such as:

ata0: FAILURE - oversized DMA transfer attempt 131072 > 65536
ad1: setting up DMA failed

Booting appears to be successful on newer Intel based machines using say ICH7 or ICH10 set hw.apic_io_enable=0 was already a requirement for booting on this ICH2 machine with post 2.10 kernels.


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This issue should be fixed by commit 95df18e42dead7a96c27c07b74b461b0e77abd84

#2 Updated by davshao over 3 years ago

Issue appears to be resolved on the older Pentium 4 ICH2 machine. A full make buildworld and make buildkernel of master up through commit a4a287391f00c8b39f29aa4af752985b5150fd0b, thus including commit 95df18e42dead7a96c27c07b74b461b0e77abd84, results in successful boot (with set hw.apic_io_enable=0) and usage of xfce4.

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