Bug #2397

xterm window content cleared after man(1) exit

Added by ftigeot about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Starting with commit 3ac91e86fba7d34199699a87e1ff109aacc8eec4 "ncurses: move USE_GETCAP, update README files", xterm now clears its window when the end of a man page is reached and the man(1) program exits.

The behavior makes it impossible to read a complete man page without piping the output to less(1), which is very annoying.

setting TERM=cons25 in xterm can be used as a workaround but breaks curse-based applications.


#2 Updated by marino about 4 years ago

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This patch fixes the issue for me:

I touched /usr/src/lib/libnurses/libncurses/Makefile after applying it, then ran "make -j 8 quickworld && make installworld".
After that, man(1) and the pagers don't restore the screen after running.

If you confirm, I'll commit the patch.

#3 Updated by ftigeot about 4 years ago

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Fix confirmed, man(1) once again behaves as it used to.

#5 Updated by marino about 4 years ago

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Seems to still be working fine.

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