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bug tracker spam

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#1 Updated by dillon over 11 years ago

:New submission from Sherri Hinson <>:
:Empty streets I come upon by chance,Where does this all end? What is the va=

This spam got onto the lists through the chlamydia bug tracker gateway,
is there any way to do some sort of validation to stop that from being


#2 Updated by bastyaelvtars over 11 years ago

At least it is IT-related. :-)

#3 Updated by mah over 11 years ago

Am 22.12.2006 um 10:12 schrieb Matthew Dillon:

The stronger you filter, the more valid posts slip through. In my
humble opinion, I prefer to delete an occasional piece of spam over
missing valid posts.

To answer your question directly, you can allow posting for list
members only (possibly already done) and you can introduce
moderation. A measure against automated subscribers would be to
require some unusual action in the confirmation mail.


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Dipl. Ing. Markus Hitter

#4 Updated by elekktretterr over 11 years ago

A number generation/confirmation is a simple validation process and easy
to do. We should use that.


#5 Updated by corecode over 11 years ago

yes, i am sorry. if we put the bug tracker on your network, we wouldn't
even have to use a separate mail address for the tracker. actually i
tried using , but somewhere the mail was
being filtered (possibly on your side).


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