Bug #560

panic: vm_fault: unrecoverable fault

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1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT (Feb 2007)

I installed DragonFly BSD on my computer with 384Mb of memory, without swap.
I configured bridge and installed musicpd.
After some hours, I see in top: active ~10Mb of memory, inactive ~200Mb of
memory, free ~2Mb of memory. Then I have kernel panic:

panic: vm_fault: unrecoverable fault: at 0xff7ff000 in entry 0xc030c6a0

syncing disks...

nokia007.jpg (529 KB) aix-d, 02/14/2007 06:25 PM


#1 Updated by aix-d over 9 years ago

And then system hangs, without dump.

#2 Updated by aix-d over 9 years ago

I have other hardware now and I can not reproduce this bug.

Configuration on which the bug has been occured:

CPU: AMD-K6-2 333MHz
Memory: 384Mb
Sound: Audigy 2 (snd_emu10k1 driver)
Net cards: 3Com (if_xl driver), Intel (if_fxp driver)

Network bridge:
ifconfig_bridge0="addm xl0 addm fxp0 up"
No firewall

No swap

OS: DragonFlyBSD 1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT (~7 Feb 2007)
Kernel: custom configuration: stripped GENERIC (without SCSI, RAID, USB and
without DDB), compiled with gcc34, CPUTYPE?=k6-2

pkgsrc/audio/musicpd installed and run
CFLAGS+=-pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -march=k6-2

#3 Updated by aix-d over 9 years ago

If nobody will try to reproduce it then I shall try when I will have an access
to hardware (in possibly summer)

#4 Updated by swildner over 7 years ago

Did you have a chance to check this out again?

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Assuming resolved due to lack of recent feedback.

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