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10:32 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2620 (New): moused problem
I set up rc.conf according to your instruction.It did not fix the problem but I got a new message in dmesg
moused er...
03:26 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2618 (New): mouse problem on RELEASE-3_6_0
By default the system runs moused on port /dev/ums0
ps waux | grep moused
moused -p /dev/ums0
I will try to set it...
01:52 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2617 (Feedback): Possible issue with wireless mouse on 3.6 release
I have a possible bug to report on RELEASE_3_6_0 on i386 arch.
I have a usb cordless mouse that does'not work.It is ...


01:06 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2558 (Closed): Stay in touch with me through LinkedIn
Build your professional network, discover opportunities, and keep in touch with me on Linked...


04:05 AM DragonFlyBSD Bug #2530 (Closed): Re: Bugs Digest, Vol 7, Issue 25
  1. [DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2521] (Closed) new dialog locks up on
Which snapshot will have this bug fixed?

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