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rtorrent downloads broken, possibly related to recent mmap work

Added by t_dfbsd almost 9 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Running DragonFly v3.3.0.165.gdc43b7-DEVELOPMENT, x86-64

Since upgrading to recent master, rtorrent downloads have been frequently failing with the message "hash check on download completion found bad chunks". I've never that message from rtorrent before. I tried setting machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize=0 and the failures stopped.

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Updated by ftigeot almost 9 years ago

Possibly related to this rtorrent bug report:

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Updated by t_dfbsd almost 9 years ago

Thanks for adding that link, Francois. If this is in fact a bug in rtorrent, I don't have much hope that it will be fixed, given that this bug report is 6 years old.

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Updated by ftigeot almost 9 years ago

We cannot completely exclude a DragonFly issue either.

It would be interesting to get both good and bad copies of the same file.
Knowing the corruption pattern may help find a possible root cause.

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Updated by t_dfbsd almost 8 years ago

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In testing the dports version of rtorrent, I've found that machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize=1 is still an issue.

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Updated by marino almost 8 years ago

Tim, would you mind updating a box to the head of the master branch and set pmap_mmu_optimize to 1? And then try to reproduce the previous problems? We are hoping it is fixed with this commit:

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Updated by t_dfbsd almost 8 years ago

I updated to v3.7.1.297.g4890e-DEVELOPMENT and with pmap_mmu_optimize set to 1 I'm still seeing this issue.

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Updated by t_dfbsd over 7 years ago

After beating on rtorrent a while, I'm happy to say that commit e3e69557a4979cb4d54d2361cc8a158eff082611 for pmap_mmu_optimize has significantly reduced this issue. Not 100% fixed, but a big improvement.

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Updated by t_dfbsd over 4 years ago

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