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src/share/examples/rconfig/ does not create a usable system

Added by rumcic almost 8 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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With the way it is, when you boot the system of the hdd, it will
boot, but you wont be able to login or do anything else useful. The problem is
that /mnt/usr is another mount point and another cpdup has to be run.

Attached is the patch for this + added some cleanup (deletes /mnt/autorun* &
Rumko Magnifier (495 Bytes) rumcic, 12/06/2008 09:24 PM Magnifier (815 Bytes) rumcic, 12/07/2008 11:48 PM

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rconfig - A couple additions to

Submitted-by: Rumko
Closes: #1173


#1 Updated by rumcic almost 8 years ago

Rumko wrote:

new version ... added kern.bootfile to sysctl.conf ... its hardcoded
to /boot/kernel for now ... maybe something like "/boot`sysctl kern.bootfile |
cut -d ':' -f 2`" would work? ...

without this, savecore cant create a memory dump in case of a panic

#2 Updated by corecode over 7 years ago

how did that ever work?

#3 Updated by swildner over 7 years ago

It does work usually, but sometimes it doesn't.

Not sure if working or not working is correct here. Question is if cpdup
is supposed to not cross the mount_hammer mountpoint only (which is '/'
so it should work) or is it also supposed to not cross the mount_null
mountpoints (in which case it shouldn't work)?

Failure seems kinda random, e.g. some weeks ago, I ended up with an
empty /boot when installing with Re-running the script
without modification fixed things.

Sounds weird? I think so too.


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