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getty doesn't work on serial port

Added by hasso over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Getty doesn't work on serial port any more. It certainly did some months ago.


#1 Updated by dillon over 8 years ago

:New submission from Hasso Tepper <>:
:Getty doesn't work on serial port any more. It certainly did some months ag=

I tested this with the latest master and it does work but it must
be enabled in /etc/ttys.

Go into /etc/ttys and try turning ttyd0 on by changing the 'off' to 'on',
then 'kill -HUP 1'. The getty should appear on the serial port.

It is turned off on the ISO... I seem to recall that we had issues
when getty was running on one machine connected to another which was
trying to boot, because the boot menu would cause the getty to echo
stuff back and interrupt the booting operation. So we're kinda messed
up either way.

Matthew Dillon

#2 Updated by jgordeev over 8 years ago

getty does indeed work, but usually you can't log in because it's stuck
on ttyhup wait channel, or because login gets stuck on ttydcd.
Observed behaviour indicates it's a race in the kernel. Before devfs
everything worked fine.

#3 Updated by alexh over 8 years ago

Was not a race.
Problem is fixed in 879172271d5105425ca7df8c599f59b035bfcb8e. It was basically
related to the fact that before devfs, calling make_dev twice, returned the
same device twice. As make_dev is now asynchronous, there's no way of doing
this. Instead, a warning is printed if vfs.devfs.debug >= 1 about a double
While I fixed most of the drivers relying on double make_dev, it seems that I
still missed some ;)

Alex Hornung

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