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installer creates /tmp/ as HAMMER pfs instead of tmpfs

Added by pavalos over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Shouldn't we default to having /tmp/ as tmpfs instead of HAMMER?


#1 Updated by alexh over 5 years ago

On 07/01/11 08:34, Peter Avalos (via DragonFly issue tracker) wrote:
> New submission from Peter Avalos <>:
> Shouldn't we default to having /tmp/ as tmpfs instead of HAMMER?

I don't think that's a good idea. If someone wants their /tmp as tmpfs,
then they can do so easily enough by changing the fstab entry.

The main reason against this is, imo, that tmpfs is a memory file
system and can hence be problematic on machines with limited RAM and/or
large files in the /tmp directory.


#2 Updated by ftigeot over 4 years ago

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Wouldn't that be a non-issue if the installer configures the machine with enough swap ?

#3 Updated by pavalos over 4 years ago

I think for new installations we should default to tmpfs, but maybe add some logic in there that detects low RAM/swap situations. This could be similar to the way we handle HAMMER installs. We don't want people to install a HAMMER fs if their disk is too small, which is comparable to the issue of having too little memory for tmpfs.

#4 Updated by ftigeot over 4 years ago

This comes down to how much is too little memory ?

Looking at a few different machines, I see a typical /tmp uses only a few kilobytes.

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