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Add ignore option to mount

Added by andy over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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this patch adds an 'ignore' option to mount.
The actual infrustructure is already in place (MNT_IGNORE)
but it can't be set.
This means df(1) already has code to ignore MNT_IGNORE mounts
and an option to also show ignored mounts (-a), but the user
currently can't set the ignored option.
Below patch fixes that.
This is useful for procfs, amd, nullfs, filebacked fs, etc.
To test it with procfs you also need to recompile mount_std(8).
Use a fstab entry like:
proc /proc procfs rw,ignore 0 0

Some systems call the option 'hidden', but i don't think it
is semantically any better (both aren't very good), but at least
'ignore' corresponds to the MNT_IGNORE flag.


#1 Updated by hasso almost 9 years ago

Patch is available in
Any objections to commit this?

#2 Updated by dillon almost 9 years ago

:Hasso Tepper <> added the comment:
:Patch is available in=20
:Any objections to commit this?
:status: unread -> chatting

It looks fine to me. Though I wont personally be using it for procfs,
I can see definite uses for things like amd.

Matthew Dillon

#3 Updated by swildner over 7 years ago

Thanks, committed -> 5b5993715687ebe260d77ff5cbc8528e6af1e807

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