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Prevent mapping to page 0 on pc32

Added by logan1 over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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OpenBSD prevents mapping to page 0 to prevent certain
class of exploits.

It has been reported that it can break Wine.

I tested it on pc32.

Feedback welcomed.

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#1 Updated by vsrinivas over 4 years ago

Just some preliminary observations:

1) I'd prefer this be under a sysctl rather than require recompiling a kernel w/ a different VM_MIN_USER_ADDRESS.

2) VM_MIN_USER_ADDRESS is used for a number of other things in kernel; we'd have to look more closely at what this change does to them.

3) The changes to vm_mmap.c above only affect mcontrol and madvise; its not clear to me that changes to madvise() are required -- if you can't create a mapping at zero, there's no reason to check in madvise() that its being applied to 0, as the 'is-there-a-mapping' test will cover that.

I'd rather see something like this in kern_mmap():

* Address range must be all in user VM space and not wrap.
tmpaddr = addr + size;
if (tmpaddr < addr)
return (EINVAL);
return (EINVAL);
return (EINVAL);
+ if (addr == NULL && zero_mmap_ok == 0)
+ return (EINVAL);

where zero_mmap_ok comes from a sysctl that defaults to '0'. (this section is under a MAP_FIXED/MAP_TRYFIXED test.

5) fp_mmap() also exists; it is mostly a hacked up clone of kern_mmap. May need to be checked to see if null mappings can be made via checkpoints from it.

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