Bug #2713

Enlightenment Desktop Environment doesn't load past splash screen

Added by zcrownover 2 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Target version:3.9.x


Running 3.9 current, with a build from August 13, I can't get Enlightenment to progress beyond the splash screen with the color changing row of cubes. After some time of waiting, the VM simply stops responding entirely and requires a hard reset. The host OS is OS X 10.8, virtualized by VIrtualbox 4.3.14. If you would like specific information occurring at the time of launch, let me know how to retrieve it and I'll post it here.


#1 Updated by jorisgio 2 months ago

Indeed, i've not found the issue, but i've a workaround. It looks like disabeling the splash screen works.
You can start enlightenment, switch back to a tty, and

pkill enlighenment_in

You'll get access to enlightenment itself. Then in the menu, go to settings -> all -> look -> startup, and uncheck the "show splash screen on login"

I tried e17 on my laptop for a few minutes, it works fine besides this issue.

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